Impressions Dance Club

Weddings & Special Occasions

Learning to dance for your wedding can be fun, exciting, nerve wracking and an experience you will never forget! The number one rule of thumb:  START EARLY!  The sooner you start your lessons, the more relaxed you will be and the more fun you will have learning to dance. Dancing is an activity you will be able to share for the rest of your lives.  So give yourselves time to take some group classes, practice at our dances and take a few private lessons to focus on your first dance.  

  • Private Lessons would of course include you and your fiance' but don't forget your parents!  We can divide your private lessons among the family so everyone learns to dance.Consider a semi-private lesson with up to four people learning at the same time.  Private/semi-private lessons range from $60-$75 

  • Group Classes could include the entire wedding party!   A group would consist of 6 or more people and can be scheduled at your convenience at either your location or ours.  Group rates are typically $10/person.

  • Consider a mix of private lessons and group classes to make learning to dance an event (a great way to get to know your new relatives).  We've even taught lessons at couples' wedding showers!

Other Special Occasions:

When it comes to Special Occasions weddings are usually at the top of the list.  Consider dance lessons as a fun group activity for these functions as well:

  • Showers
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Holiday Parties
  • Prom Preparation
  • Corporate Meetings/Parties/Events

We custom design events to meet your needs.  Contact us to discuss your event and ideas.  

Give the gift of dance!