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Social Dancing in Schools
Students build confidence, develop self-esteem, and learn social connection through the fun of partnership dancing!
The Dance Connection: Social dance in schools is a fun and interactive way to explore multiple areas of education while learning to  dance with a partner!

  • Dance incorporates both Music Education and Physical Education at the same time and teaches social etiquette including trust, communication, respect and manners. 

  • Dance demonstrates visible proof of science concepts like force, balance, gravity and momentum.

  • Dance utilizes math concepts with the application of shapes, angles and fractions. 

  • Dance can be applied to social studies as students learn the history, geography, world origin and culture of each dance.  

  • Dance can improve reading and writing skills as students keep journals and explore stories of dance. 

Artist in Residence

  • Our dance program is designed to give students an introduction to the basics of social dance. 

  • A typical program includes a core curriculum with an average of eight to ten hours of instruction for each class. Programs can be lengthened or shortened to fit each individual school.

  • Dances typically include:  swing, tango, and merengue.  Depending on the program and school we may also incorporate salsa, waltz, foxtrot, rumba, and line or pattern dances.  

  • Programs are typically taught during music and/or PE classes but can be arranged to work with the school's schedule.  

  • The completion of the program culminates  with a student performance for parents or a dance competition between classrooms. 
Educator Training

Educator Training programs make it possible for all schools to enjoy the benefits of a social dance program, with or without an Artist in Residence.  Participants learn not only how to dance the steps, but how to teach the dances in a manner that's friendly, fun and makes sense to kids. We can provide Educator Training through workshops and in-service training where participants learn to teach our program at their school. 
Tuition & Fees:
School Programs and Performances range from $150 - $2,000 depending on the type and duration of the program.  Contact us to discuss your specific goals. We can create a program to fit every school's budget.

What Teachers & Counselors are Saying  About Dance...
Sampling of Thank You Notes from Fourth & Fifth Graders - Deer Creek Elementary, 2007:
My name is Lindsey Pratt and I am the school psychologist and counselor at Durham Elementary school in Tigard.  This year I had the opportunity to see the Social Dance Program "in action" for the first time, and I was impressed with the benefits that it provided our students.  

Over the course of the program, all students gained self-confidence and poise, as well as increased comfort in interacting with the opposite sex. They also experienced themselves as successful at something outside the academic arena, which is a great asset to those students who often struggle at school. 

Seeing the students perform for their families and compete for the class award at the evening finale was a moving experience.  Each student was serious and focused on doing their best, and each partner supported each other in a way that is rare to see between boys and girls at this age level.  The celebrations at the end were exciting for everyone.  When asked to come out for the last "optional" dace of the evening, 90%  of the students ran to the floor to demonstrate their ability for their families and teachers one last time.  Their pride in their newfound skill was palpable.  

The most memorable part of this program to me was seeing students who frequently struggle with their confidence, either due to academic or social difficulties, find a way to shine in the eye of their classmates, teachers, and families,.  It changed the group dynamics:  students who were quiet or struggled with their behavior, stood out as leaders because other students were trying to emulate their skills.  It may have been the first time some of these students felt successful at a school activity, and it was great to see.  

I would wholeheartedly support the Social Dance Program becoming a part of our yearly Physical Education Curriculum.  

                                                                                                                       --Lindsey Pratt, school Psychologist/Counselor Durham Elementary
Along with learning the dances our students also learned some dance etiquette like how to ask a partner to dance and what to do at the end of a dance.  I am pleased to report that Cynthia had no trouble instructing 70 sudents at a time six times per day and her professionalism was always evident.  

We are excited every time we teach dance to our students because we feel it is an important part of our curriculum and our state standards.  We know that when we bring in dance experts such as Impressions Dance Club that our students benefit  more from our unit.  We highly recommend them as teachers and professionals to not only teach the steps when dancing but also proper etiquette.  As long as they are willing and able to assist our department we will continue to tap into their expertise for the benefit of our students.     

                                                                                                                                   -- The Hazelbrook Physical Education Department
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the work you did teaching dance to the children of Clarkes Elementary School.  You are true professionals who have not only an obvious grasp of dance, but aslo the more difficult to find understanding of children and their needs.  The experience you brought to Clarkes was not only enjoyable but also expanded the world of the children.  They have a different view of dancing and of their own abilities.  I received many, many positive comments from parents and community members, but the ones I value most are from the children themselves.  They were so proud of themselves and the show they were able to be a part of.  The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment was evident not only the evening of the performance, but for several weeks following the show as well.  
                                                                                                                     --Linda Botsford - Clarkes Elementary School Music Teacher
I remember the first day of dance class. The boys I saw and me kind of hated to ask a girl to dance. But soon we got use to it. It was easy at times and hard at others, but we got through it. Now I dance like a pro! 

  Thanks for teaching us. 
Thank you for teaching us to dance. You are a really great teacher. At first I didn't think it was going to be fun, but then I found out it was fun. I'm really proud of our trophy. I won't be here to dance in next year's competition but I hope that we get to dance at middle school.​
Thank you for helping me get over my fear of the opposite gender. 
I also had fun learning the swing for the special performance.
I hope I can be in your dance class again soon!
 For a long time I thought dancing was so so. Now I think it is so cool and I want to keep dancing. You taught us at our own pace which made it very easy to learn. You also taught us the names of songs and how the dance was made. You are an excellent teacher. I hope you can come to middle school next year.
Thank you for such an amazing residency at our school. You did a phenomenal job with my students, actually all the students! As you know, my 1st/2nd graders were an active, energetic and sometimes unfocused group of kids. After the first two classes, the boys grumbled and expressed "dislike" at having to dance. The girls, however, were thrilled. (No surprise there). But, as the weeks went on, I heard less grumbling and saw more excitement and heard more positive chatter. I saw confidences bloom. The few times I observed my kids in action, the "bumbling left foot syndrome" had turned into coordinated, smooth moves in time with the music and more in sync with partners. The night of the show, I was amazed and actually a little floored to see how well they performed. It was a heart-pounding, grin-inspiring performance. They rose to the occasion in their attire, demeanor, and pure enjoyment of the dancing They had fun, with NO grumbling !!! Thank you! 
                                                                                                                                             --Teacher Barb, Clarkes Elementary School
Social dancing is a fun, physical activity that students of all ages can enjoy doing throughout their lives. Certainly learning to dance benefits cognitive and psychomotor development, but just as importantly social dancing contributes to the affective domain of learning by teaching students:

  • Positive peer relationships, as we work on partnership and teamwork
  • How to effectively communicate with a partner and utilize social graces
  • Positive ways to inter-act with peers, especially the opposite sex

Dancing allows students who are not traditionally successful athletically to succeed and possibly even excel with a physical activity that can help keep them fit their entire lives. 

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