Impressions Dance Club

Lessons & Classes

Punch Cards: 
$9/person/class when you purchase a punch card for three or more classes.  Couples can share the same punch card, so typically it's about $72 per month for the couple. But if you miss a class, you will not be charged for the class. We just save it for the next time you attend. Lessons are good for three months. 

Drop-in Fee:  $10/person/class  

Monthly Member - 6 month minimum commitment:     
$60/couple per month                                                              Payment is due the first class of the month.There is no make up for missed classes, 

All purchases for prepaid lessons are final.
Tell us below which class you'll be attending. 
Payment is accepted the first night of class. 
On-line Dance Review & Instruction

Try a 14 day free trial of the on-line lessons now at
Follow along and learn some new steps, check our a new dance style, or use it to review and practice what you learned in class.  All in the comfort of your home.  

Most group classes require a partner
Since most of the couples  attend class as their date night, I rarely ask people to change partners.  You get to dance with the partner you came with, not some stranger you've never met. 

Wednesdays 7:30pm

Explore each dance more in depth than in the foundations class.  We'll add more variations and develop good technique and style. Emphasis is on giving you variety and establishing proper leading and following technique. We choose a new style of dance every month. 


  Private Lessons:
  Private instruction rates:


  $35 for a single lesson 
  $120 for package of four lessons


  $65  for a single lesson
  $240 for package of four lessons

  $125/hour/instructor for instruction at your facility. 

 All purchases for prepaid lessons are final and non-refundable.
Basics & Beyond
Wednesdays 6:30pm

For couples who've maybe danced a little and want to remind themselves of steps they've forgotten, or for couples who are just starting, even if you've never danced before. This class will still cover basic material the first week and then move into new variations, and add tips on style and technique.



Because we are a social dance group and like to get together to make new friends and visit with the ones we know, we only have a couple of classes each week. Near the end of every month, the class decides together what dance we'd like to explore the following month.  Join our email list and I'll keep you posted each month what classes, dances and events are coming up next!
  Add your name to our email list to stay updated on classes and events!

Email us at, or call 971.226.1119
Dancing for Social Fun
Fridays 6:30pm

Focusing on the dances you'll most often run into in a social situation, like a wedding or a festival.