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All group classes are on hold until social distancing restrictions have been eased.       ~Please stay safe!

 We all look forward to returning to group classes   and dances. Send us your requests for the   classes you'd like to see when we return!


    Punch Cards:  $72 per month (4 weeks) for the couple. 
    If you miss a class, you will not be charged for the class. We just save it for the     next time you attend. Lessons are good for three months. 

     Drop-in Fee:  $10/person/class  

   All purchases for prepaid lessons are final.
Tell us below which class you'll be attending. 
Payment is accepted the first night of class. 

 Want some one-on-one help with your dancing?
 Private lessons let you focus on what you need specific help with and go at exactly your pace.  

Safe-distancing coaching lessons are available for couples only during the pandemic.


  $35 for a single lesson 
  $120 for package of four lessons


  $65  for a single lesson
  $240 for package of four lessons

 All purchases for prepaid lessons are final and non-refundable.
  Add your name to our email list to stay updated on classes and events!

Register Below or Email us at, or call 971.226.1119
I challenge you to try it!!

The Dance Fitness Jam is an on-line dance party to keep you practicing your steps and get those heart rates moving. 

We utilize standard steps from Jazz dance, Latin dancing, Ballroom dancing, Broadway, Hip Hop - we're not afraid to try it all!
Steps are put into combinations and routines to a variety of music - Cha Cha, Swing, Salsa, Pop, Foxtrot, Blues, Tango, Waltz - you name it! The point is just to get up and move! (And the advantage right now - since you're practicing at home, no one can see you while you learn.)

Following are the times we started during the shut-down. Let me know if you are interested in a different class time. We are looking at getting enough people together for a late afternoon/evening class. 

First class is free!
$10/class drop-in or $85/month for any/all classes

BEGINNER'S SESSION Monday/Friday at 11:05am
We start with a slow warm-up to refresh our steps, then ease into practice patterns and a few dance routines. 
We typically dance through each routine twice to give you a chance to learn the choreography and practice the technique. 
We check in at the end of each song to see if anyone has any questions/comments. 
Everyone is happy to learn and practice together. 

SUPER BEGINNER'S SESSION Wednesday at 11:05am
For people just starting out. Learn how to do the steps from the start! 
We are walking through each movement step by step and understanding the differences between all those steps that seem an awful lot alike! 
We put them into simple combinations and routines to get you moving. 
Everyone gets to ask questions and learn together. 

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED DANCERS Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00am
This group has been dancing for a while, so we a large number of routines. 
We have a standard class format of Warm-up, dance for 40 minutes, 10 minutes of light weights for strength, cool down and stretch.
I call out the instructions and directions for all the routines, and we're learning new things together all the time.
If you want to practice or walk through the routines outside of class, I have a good portion of them posted on the site.