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Dance Challenge:
Learn the Shim Sham!

The Shim Sham was originally a tap routine choreographed by Willie Bryant & Leonard Reed in the 1920's. It is still danced today at swing gatherings throughout the world.  I've toned down the tapping to make it a little more user friendly for beginners. Enjoy the challenge and have fun dancing. Looking forward to all of us dancing it together some day!

NOTE:  I've broken this down into 5 different sections and then created a walkthru video that puts it all together. You can also dance it with the music.   I apologize that all the videos start playing at once and that they take a minute to load - this particular format wasn't designed to have a lot of video added to it. Pause each video and then click on the one you want to practice with, and make it full screen by clicking on the box in the bottom right corner (hit Esc button to return).   

You can also find the videos on at the bottom of the DANCES page. If you haven't joined, you can do so for free using the code ROLLUP THE RUG.  Happy Dancing! 

Section 1:  Shim Sham and Break Step                  Section 2: Shake & Crossover                            Section 3: Tacky Annie

Section 4: Half Break                                                  Section 5: Boogie Back & Shorty George                       WALK-THRU

                                                                                               Dance thru the Shim Sham Routine