Impressions Dance Club

Cynthia Hively
Owner, Impressions Dance Club 

​I've been teaching dance since 1993 when, on a dare from a friend, I answered an ad in the paper looking to train dance instructors: no experience required! At the time, it was just a whim, but it turned into a passion that I have enjoyed for the past 20+ years.  

Shortly after answering that ad, my dance partner and I opened Impressions Dance Club. We taught, trained, competed, and performed for several years before settling in Oregon. During the next few years, the studio won numerous teaching, and top school awards as a competitive dance studio. In 2001 my partner and I won the Rising Star Rhythm Championship at the Hawaii Star Ball in Honolulu, Then I decided it was time to stay home with my children. 

I shifted my emphasis from competitive dancing to social dance, and focused on couples wanting to have fun learning an activity they can do together forever, and on dance education for school age children.  In 2002 I started producing programs for school assemblies and teaching for the DARE Program in Tigard.  By 2004 I'd held my first elementary school dance program and competition.  I also began teaching at Lewis & Clark College.  In just a few short years I've had the opportunity to teach thousands of students in the northwest from age 5 to 25 the basics of social dance, along with all the adult classes I've continued to teach. 

I very much enjoy teaching private lessons and group classes for couples on a weekly basis, and hold bi-monthly community dances at Leedy Grange in Cedar Mill.  My focus is on teaching couples how to have fun connecting, by learning to dance together.  I love that most of my students come regularly to classes and dances for their date night, and to socialize with the other couples they have become friends with through the studio.  

I teach American Style Social Dance and enjoy creating new steps, and encouraging creativity on the dance floor. I specialize in people with three left feet who have no rhythm, and I believe that anyone can learn to dance if they truly want to learn. Above all, I believe strongly in having fun first, and then worrying about the rest of the details that make the dancing look great.
​American Style 
Social Dancing

American Style Dance is reminiscent of the days of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  The open style of the movement allows partners to separate and then return to the closed dance position.  

I enjoy the freedom of movement American Style Dance allows and have fun putting my own personality into every dance. It is my goal to help my students learn to do the same so they too can enjoy dancing as much as I do.

American Style Dances include:

​   Foxtrot - Waltz - Tango - Viennese Waltz

   Rumba - Cha Cha - Salsa - Samba - Merengue - 
    Night Club Two Step

   Two Step - Ten Step - Country Waltz - Pattern & 
    Line Dances - 

   East Coast - West Coast - Hustle

The Dancing Divas  flash dance at the Newcomer's Club fundraiser to benefit Lake Oswego Meals on Wheels
​About the Dancing Divas:

Several years ago I started teaching a dance-aerobic class at the Lakewood Center for the Arts, in Lake Oswego. Since I'm not big on the regular form of aerobics classes, with the standard grapevines and kick-ball-changes, I started teaching more of the forms I found more interesting, and borrowed heavily from the ballroom dances I know and love, and from the stage musicals I love to watch.  Our class has become a highly stylized series of dances to usually non-traditional exercise music, but definitely danceable fun all the way around. Not to mention, we're a wonderful group of women who have become great friends, laughing and dancing together, and supporting each other through all of life's ups and downs.  

We waltz, we tango, we samba and cha cha.  We swing up a storm, and jazz and vamp all over the place.  The class is for anyone who ever loved being a dancer,anyone who ever wanted to be a dancer, or anyone who ever just loved dancing and wanted to dance more. For years we've joked about putting on a show.  Recently we had the opportunity to do so, when one of our class members, who is the president of the Lake Oswego Newcomer's Club, invited us to attend the auction the club was hosting for Meals on Wheels.  We had great fun flash-mobbing one of our routines to kick off the dancing for the night!  We hope to recreate the fun and the flash again this September at the CARE TO DANCE fundraiser to benefit Care Partners. 

This summer we'll be putting many of our class routines, including All About That Base, on video so everyone can join us in the future, or just have fun dancing at home.  Watch for more details to come, and if you ever have the chance to join us on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday morning at 9:00am at the Lakewood Center for the Arts, we'll all be glad to have you there. 
The Lake Oswego Dancing Divas: